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I've never heard about Devil May Cry before...
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What is a Fanlisting?

According to TFL a fanlisting is "simply an online listing of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. There are no costs, and the only requirements to join a fanlisting are your name and country. Fanlistings do not have to be large sites (although some are) - they are just a place where you can have your name listed along with other fans of the same subject."

I've never heard of Devil May Cry before...

Don't worry, here's your chance to learn more about this great game series!

In the first Devil May Cry game you play the role of Dante, a half demon who runs a shop named... "Devil May Cry" and who is a demon hunter. - What? A half demon who kills demons? What's that? Sounds familiar? Whatever! - Dante wants to find the one who killed his human mother, so he kills all demons that come his way in order to find the right one. Simple logic and strategy, isn't it.
One day a mysterious woman visits Dante's office and immediately tries to kill him! But Dante would not be Dante if he would die from a sword ripping through his chest. He brushes her attack off in his cool manner and tells her that he tries to kill everyone who comes his way (okay, that's a bit exaggerated) to find the murderer of his mother. The woman named Trish then says that her assault was just a test anyway, a test if Dante really is the son of the great demon Sparda. Sparda was a legend. He was a warrior who sealed all demons that existed in the human world, but at the same time died from this heroic action. - Why does he seal his own kind? For the sake of the human world and because his wife was a human, too, remember, so maybe he kinda liked humans in general. - So Trish tells Dante that the demon emperor Mundus is eager to find a way back to the human world. Well, why would Dante care? Because Dante makes Mundus responsible for the death of his mother. So, what does Dante do now? Right, he follows Trish to the place where Mundus is said to be found: a huge castle that overflows with demonic powers. - And Dante of course wants to find out what power those demonic creatures possess. Wouldn't you?

Well, that much for now for the first game. Actually the story of Devil May Cry is set after the third game and recently magazines and websites tend to follow the structure of the plot more than the release dates of the game - which is simple logic - but on the other hand you have to take into account that the story unfolds with the addition of new characters and backgrounds in the following games. So you might want to play it in release order or in story-chronological order, just the way you prefer it.

Anyway, as you might guess now, the Devil May Cry game series is about slashing up demons and other evil creatures. Nothing particularly new, you might think. Well, but there are some major differences to other games indeed. First, the main character Dante: He's just one of the coolest guys game history has ever seen - and has some of the coolest stunning moves for games like these. Second, the focus of the game series lies on action. There are some puzzles as well, but your main task is to just hack and slash yourself a way through your enemies. But only by doing this, you will miss the most important element: while attacking and evading the demons be as swift and effective as you can - be stylish! If you can fight against your opponents by constantly attacking or defending without rest and without using items or even taking damage the game will grade your style 'A' rank (or in the later games even higher) and you will be able to learn more skills, improve your style and therefore have the most fun in the battles. The soundtrack of Devil May Cry also contributes to that and gets you in the right mood whenever demons or other creatures dare to appear on your screen.
So, in conclusion the Devil May Cry games are worth to at least give them a good try!

So what's Devil May Cry 4 about?

The fourth title of the Devil May Cry series takes place after the first and third Devil May Cry game, but before the second one.
The game introduces a new main character, Nero, who is a Holy Knight in the so called "Order of the Sword" - a cult that worships Sparda, saviour of the human world.
The game starts when Nero is attending (more like half-missing) a meeting of the Order when suddenly the former main character of the game series, Dante, appears and kills the leader of said Order, Sanctus. In the following fight between Dante and Nero the latter's demon arm is revealed and the Devil Bringer activated. However, Dante can escape, but Nero would be a poor Holy Knight if he would give up on the matter instantly. So what he does is to persue Dante to make him pay for causing his Order so much harm and trouble. Even the player might wonder at this point why Dante did that to a seemingly peaceful cult. Emphasis lies on "seemingly", because Nero himself discovers that not all the Order does is a good thing and that there's some evil dwelling under the peaceful surface. So who is the real danger now, Dante or the Order itself? Nero soon realizes that the Order is opening gates to the demon world in order to make use of its power. The members of the Order even use these demonic powers to revive Sanctus who reveals his true evil self and tries to make use of Kyrie, a songstress of the Order and Nero's childhood friend, to lure Nero into a trap, for he has discovered more than he should have. But Sanctus is up to something else as well...

Well, you should go figure it out for yourself, before I give away too much of the storyline here.

Why did you build this fanlisting?

When I first heard about Devil May Cry 4 being produced, I instantly wanted to make a site dedicated to the game. But I know myself when it comes to creating 'normal' web- or fansites. I never get done with the work, I'm just to lazy when it comes to writing summaries, reviews and so on. So I decided to make a fanlisting, 'cause it doesn't need as much content as a 'real' website to begin with.

Actually I applied for three Devil May Cry 4 fanlistings at TFL - a general one, a Nero fanlisting and the Dante & Nero relationship fanlisting you see here - this was the one I got approved for ^-^

I wanted to make this fanlisting, because I became interested in the relationship of the old main character of Devil May Cry and the new one at first sight. At first glance they seemed to be rivals, but on the other hand Dante was displayed in the trailers as if caring for Nero as well. And I have to admit that I really liked Nero since the first time I saw him in the game trailers. That I like Dante as well is out of question ^_-

Why did you make the fanlisting in this way?

Well, since I still don't know php, I always code my sites in html. It's kinda out of fashion and not perfect maybe, but I try my best to design the webpage as good and user-friendly as possible. There may come other versions of the site from time to time, but I guess the site will stay as it is for a while, 'cause I kinda like how it does look now. A more 'Dante-like' version of the site will come for sure some day.
There are some aspects that will always be the same as now, 'cause I want the site to be viewable without problems on any system and with any browser (or at least with most of them... hopefully).
If you have problems viewing the site properly, don't hesitate to contact me at (of course you can also write me if you want to comment on the site in general).

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