Welcome to my Cross Punisher Shrine! ^__^

First of all to all of you who don't know what the heck the Cross Punisher is:
It is a fictional weapon from the anime and manga series Trigun / Trigun Maximum. Dare to pull the Trigger XD

Though there might not be too much you could say or depict about the weapon, I'll give it a try.

Please take a look around and feel free to comment to the stuff. I really would appreciate that :)
And last, but not least: Have Fun! ^_^

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April 8, 2009:
And again it took me a darn long time to update. And it's not much anyway. But at least a small bit about the figure(s) to be found here and a few new links added. And I'm beginning to think I should create an extra link list for all the japanese illustration and story sites. There are so many, I'm just too lazy to track them all down, but it would be nice to have them all in one spot for easy access - even if it's just myself I'd do a favour with that...

May 31, 2008:
OMG!!! I finally got the Trigun merchandise item I always wanted the most!!! The Wolfwood Action Figure by Kaiyodo!!! This is fantastic, spectacular, breathtaking, just awesome!!! `^o^ Therefor I just HAVE to make an update soon (right now I don't have the time, but very very soon) which will, of course, feature this cool item. So here is a first picture of the figure (yeah, I bought it on ebay ;). Later I will write about its looks and features IN DETAIL and take some pictures of the various poses ^^

February 20, 2008:
Oh man, this was a really long time... well, 'cause I didn't have much nerve to write some content for the site. Shame on me! But I'll try to do better. At least I have holiday now and therefore time to maintain my sites + I got the 12th volume of Trigun Maximum yesterday! And I really want and need to read and watch Trigun again... it was a really long time for that, too. No wonder I lost track of things...
Well, now for the real updates: I checked the links section and removed all the broken links and added new ones, as well as new codes for the shrine.

September 5, 2006:
Finally! Okay it's not much, but it is an update at least. Check out the Bullets for some scans of the Trigun Maximum manga, showing off the Cross Punisher, of course ;)

May 27, 2006:
The page went online after two and a half weeks of programming and testing. It's still not finished, of course. I would be happy if it'd be. There is a lot of work to be done now. Hopefully I have time enough to do all this. For now I'll try to work on the information pages first. Some pictures and stuff will follow soon...

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Guidelines and such

Trigun / Trigun Maximum, the Cross Punisher as well as all other weapons and all characters were created and are property of Yasuhiro Nightow and every other involved people and staff. The licenses are owned by Shounen Gahosha and Pioneer/Geneon.

All links are just there, because I love the sites or find them informative. Nevertheless I am not and cannot be made responsible for the content of those webstages.

The current design features one of my favourite Trigun wallpapers. I'm not the creator of this image, all my credits and thanks go to the author, though unfortunatly I don't know who he/she is. I got the wall from Universo Manga. I had to flip the resized image vertically, otherwise there wouldn't have been much space for the text frame :P

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