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Trigun / Trigun Maximum

The story of Trigun is set on a desert planet - Planet Gunsmoke. The earth mainly is dried out and there are only a few plants and water resources. People only can live their normal lives to some extend, because of modern technologies. But it isn't peaceful in the desert anyway. Now more less than ever when there's a man who destroys one city after the other on his way over the planet. Like a huge storm he's raging and leaves a track of devestation behind him. That's why he's also called the "Humanoid Typhoon". His name, feared everywhere: Vash the Stampede. He already has $$ (= double dollar; the currency on Planet Gunsmoke) on his head. Something that won't fit to all that is the fact that, despite all the devestation the "Typhoon" causes, there never was death involved in those incidents so far...

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The Cross Punisher

This item is a cross-shaped fictional weapon from the Trigun series. The character it belongs to is Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a very strange priest who's also a gunman on the other side. Normally the punisher is wrapped in fabric and only revealed during fights when Wolfwood has to make use of it. The cross is very big and heavy, because it includes a rocket launcher, a machine gun and 8 handguns. The handle with the trigger has the shape of a skull.

If you're looking for more information and material about the Cross Punisher just visit the Cross Punisher Shrine ^__^

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Full of Mercy?

I suppose all Trigun fans know why I chose this name for the fanlisting ;)
It's because of a scene from the anime. Wolfwood went to a town by bus and it took three men to get the (of course wrapped) punisher down from the top of the bus (where all the baggage was stored). One of them asked Wolfwood why this thing is so heavy and he answered: "That's because it's so full of mercy." - though the opposite would be more suitable XD

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The image is of the 8th Volume of Trigun Maximum, of the "Wolfwood Spin-off: Freed Bird". In my opinion it represents the Cross Punisher perfectly and it's one of my most loved action scenes with Wolfwood using his weapon. I'm gonna give the layout some overdoes, but I certainly will never change its main theme. Please tell me what you think of the design :)

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